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Get your free Montessori routine cards

--------By The Montessori Notebook--------

​One thing that is helping now more than ever is having a regular rhythm in your day. Here are some beautiful routine cards made by Hiyoko Imai for the book ​The Montessori Toddler.

How to use the cards

When you find yourself struggling with the morning or evening routine, use the cards to help your child feel more in control of the process.

  1. Sit down at a quiet time (not during the mad morning rush or evening routine)

  2. Let your child help choose the things that will need to happen in the morning/evening

  3. Decide how to hang them up – pegged up on a line looks attractive and the order can be easily changed. You can laminate them or add velcro or magnets to the back too​.

To receive your free Montessori routine cards

Click here to download your free PDF

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