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Children from birth to 6 years old all have the Absorbent Mind to take in impression from their surroundings and use it to adapt to "the men of their culture, time, and place". It is of utmost importance to realize that these early years are the root years and will influence their adult lives. The Montessori method gives children the foundation for enthusiastic exploration and discovery. It is the number one chosen alternative method of education in the world. Guided by Dr. Montessori’s philosophy and educational methods, Edmonton Montessori School strives to be a center of excellence in Edmonton. Our staffs have the AMI Montessori International diploma and the required child development certificate, and they are enthusiastic in guiding each child to succeed independently by observing, planning, and presenting materials according to each child’s ability and interests. It is our greatest honor to guide your children in their most significant years of schooling.


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About Wendy Yu (M. Ed., AMI* Certified and ECE Level 3)

Wendy originally came from mainland China. She worked as a middle school teacher while she completed her Master’s degree at Wuhan University, specialized in Information Resource Management (Library Science). After graduation, she worked as a librarian at Shanghai Jiaotong University. Five years later she moved to Edmonton where she finished her Master's degree in Education (M. Ed) at the University of Alberta.


Inspired by her post-graduate adviser Dr. Cathy Adams and one of her classmates Sophie, she started her research on the Montessori Method. She visited AMI Montessori schools in Toronto and immediately fell for the method: the classes were well organized in an aesthetic manner; the beauty and order create tranquility and attracted children to explore in deep concentration; children chose activities, working with purpose and independently at their own pace; the guides (educators) moved gracefully and worked enthusiastically with children. However, there were no AMI-trained guides or AMI-recognized schools in Edmonton at that time. After long consideration, she decided to take AMI Primary Teacher training at Foundation for Montessori Education (FME*) in Toronto and received her AMI Primary Teacher diploma. She has a few years of experience working with early years and school-aged children: She worked in Montessori schools in Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton; the Early Years, and the Out of School Care program at the YMCA. In her spare time, Wendy enjoys spending time with her children, reading, making crafts, and hanging out with her friends.


About Sabine Macleod

I have taught the Montessori philosophy for over 20 years. I love watching the children grow, gain confidence and become learners for life. The Montessori materials set up children for success and no material is superior to another. I will enjoy meeting your children and feel privileged to be part of their education. 

About Annie (AMS* Certified, ECE Level 2)

Hello everyone, my name is Annie. At school the children call me Ms. Annie. I am an AMS certified Montessori teacher and Early childhood educator. I have been working in Montessori schools since 2005. I believe every child is unique and creative. I consider myself a guide for children to develop life experiences. During these years, I worked internationally in Hong Kong and Taiwan in addition to Vancouver and Edmonton. I enjoyed experiencing different cultures and life. This understanding helps me relate to how children view and understand the world around them. It's my pleasure to join the EMS and be part of your child’s life.


The American Montessori Society (AMS) was founded in 1960 by Nancy McCormick Rambusch in the United States. It is a professional membership organization, a leading advocate for and supporter of Montessori education.

About Apple (ECE Level 3)

Apple holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education in the Philippines. She has 11 years of teaching and working experience in Thailand, both in bilingual and international schools. Additionally, to further her knowledge and credentials in working with young children, she took up an Early Childhood Education program at Seneca College. She is now a certified ECE, holding a Level 3 certificate. As a teacher, she thrives in a position to encourage, nurture, and expand each child's ability to learn. Her goal is to actively engage in children’s learning by interacting through play, routines, and listening to each child's ideas and thoughts to enrich their learning.


About Eriko (ECE Level 3)

Hello families, my name is Eriko. I came from Japan to Burnaby, BC in 2012 and to Edmonton in July 2023. I was a translator with mechanical engineering backgrounds in Japan, but I became interested in early childhood education after being blessed with two children. I decided to come to Canada because Canada was a country that allowed a sole parent and student like me to accompany their children. I have been working as an ECE since 2014. As a mother of two children, I feel very honored to be able to witness every moment of growth of children. I am looking forward to thriving together as a team here at Edmonton Montessori School!


The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), founded in 1929 by Dr. Maria Montessori, is a global community that continues today to protect the integrity of her work. After Dr. Montessori's death in 1952, the Association Montessori Internationale, under the direction of her son Mario Montessori, worked to establish permanent training centers around the world. It is the longest standing Montessori organization worldwide.


FME (Foundation for Montessori Education) is one of the two Montessori Training Centres in Canada to offer the AMI Montessori diploma endorsed by Dr. Maria Montessori as well as AMI Certificate programs. It has a strong connection to the Montessori family as it was founded by Renilde Montessori, Dr. Montessori’s youngest granddaughter, in 1989.

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